The Future Home of Whitely Community Council

A Place for Improved Education, Health, and Quality of Life

In 2018, the Whitely Neighborhood Association purchased property located at 1208 East Centennial Avenue, Muncie, Indiana, for the purpose of redeveloping this property for the benefit of Whitely Neighborhood residents, past and future, and the greater Muncie community. The Whitely Neighborhood Association believes that if developed, with the focuses of community health and quality of place, in partnership with key community partners, this property has the potential to serve as a catalyst for renewed investment along the corridors of East Centennial and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The property makes up 3.6 acres of land, on which three buildings exist. The main building, which is one-story tall, is in a good state of repair and has approximately 17,318 square feet of usable space. The other two existing buildings include a one-story, 3,456 square foot warehouse and a 408 square foot detached garage.

The property has served different uses from flooring distribution and salvage reclamation to a roofing material distribution. It is believed that, along with the consistent efforts of the Whitely Neighborhood Association, this property holds remedies for many of the neighborhood’s present-day conditions that impede improving the quality of life for low-income individuals and Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed (A.L.I.C.E) families. In short, the Whitely Neighborhood Association has, unambiguously, pursued remedies to remove any obstacles that preclude the redevelopment of what the organization believes to be a key opportunity for residents of Muncie Indiana, specifically those of the Whitely Neighborhood.

Help Us Serve

As part of our future forward initiatives, the Whitely Neighborhood Association, is working to raise funds to renovate our future location and neighborhood resource hub. This project will improve the quality of life & place, help us implement and sustain initiatives that strengthen our neighborhood, and will be used and enjoyed by Whitely and other communities in the City of Muncie.

This fundraising goal will allow for the renovation of this space as well as support our Executive Director and other positions.

Please help us create a central location for resources, education, and support.

Donations can be made here online or mailed to the Whitely Community Council at P.O. Box 665 Muncie, IN 47308. With your help, we can do so much more!

The Whitely Neighborhood Association envisions the property to be developed for the possible following uses:

  • A Community Health Clinic
  • Food Insecurities Anchor Hub/Food Pantry
  • Business Incubator Space
  • Office Space for the Whitely Neighborhood Association & Others
  • A Gathering Space for Community, Private, and Public Functions
  • Community Information/Resource Center
  • Adult & Youth Education
  • Satellite home for additional service

Preliminary plans have been made using the services of a local architect and builder and it is estimated that an investment of approximately $2,500,000 to $2,800,000 is needed to complete the redevelopment of the main property building suitable for the above-noted uses.

Proposed Floor Plan

The property is at 1208 E Centennial Ave. It is 22,000 sq. ft., contains 3 buildings, and is spread out over 3.6 acres with lots of paved parking. The grounds will allow for the pantry, food storage, public meeting space, offices, classrooms, a medical clinic and more.