Community Goals

Whitely is a goal-oriented community. By working through strategic, action-focused committees, we’ve been able to make huge progress in a broad spectrum of areas. Read a summary of each goal committee’s tasks below, or check out the links to get more detailed information.

1. Beautification & Infrastructure

goal1Summary: Cultivate a physical space that reflects Whitely’s vibrant energy by highlighting the assets of the neighborhood infrastructure, eliminating blemishes, and putting residents in touch with resources for distinguished property maintenance.

For more information, contact: Richard Ivy
  Beck Frazier

2. Community Safety & Security

goal2_lauren wellicomeSummary: Advance a neighborhood security strategy that improves the well-being and confidence of residents by identifying best practices in similar communities, strengthening relevant partnerships, and instituting sustainable systems.For more information, contact:

Jerome B. McKean David Smith
(765) 749-7350

3. Education & Health

goal3Summary: Capitalize on the celebrated educational resources and collaborations that exist within the neighborhood to spread a collective conviction that learning and wellness are top priorities that can be built into the lives of each individual and family.For more information, contact:

Patricia Clark Mary Dollison
(765) 749-2551
(765) 288-1892

4. Employment & Entrepreneurship

goal4_galleryquantumSummary: Foster the entrepreneurial spirit of residents, impart fundamental work-readiness skills, and support local businesses in order to participate in the rejuvenation of Muncie’s economy.

For more information, contact:

Cornelius Dollison Steve Robert
(765) 881-5372

5. Neighborhood Pride & Event Planning

whitely_arialSummary: Develop and commemorate a clear sense of community, something that people connect to and want to participate in.

For more information, contact:

Jaynie McCullum Ana McCallum
(765) 287-8785 (work)
(765) 286-0893

6. Resource Development & Fundraising

goal 6_howardlakeSummary: Formalize the procedures that ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability while pursuing diverse funding opportunities for initiatives designed to meet community needs.

For more information, contact:

Eva Zygmunt Dr. Charles Payne
(765) 228-1556
(765) 212-4712

7. Marketing & Public Relations

goal7_replaceSummary: Illustrate the activities and progress underway for Whitely residents and Muncie at large in order to reinforce the Council’s mission and build momentum for the future.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Parker Morgan April
(765) 993-0506
Visit Open Door Health Services

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