Year of Color

Paint it with Pride!


Help us paint and beautify our community and make Whitely an even better place to live. Read on to find out more about the Year of Color project, and learn how you can support it today!

Whitely’s Year of Color


The Year of Color is an ambitious series of public and private beautification projects consisting of painting, planting, repair, and public art installation.

Help to support this project by donating on our GoFundMe page here. Your donation will help us to accomplish so much and paint our community with pride!


We want to paint our neighborhood pastel, bringing the beautiful colors of the Centennial Place apartments throughout the entire neighborhood. The new color palette will create a visual identity and language of color for Whitely: enhancing community pride, beautifying the area, raising property values, and attracting new business.

The year-long project will also provide the impetus for multiple community events that will increase neighborhood involvement, enhance our sense of community, and improve the reputation of Whitely throughout the wider Muncie community.


What will the Year of Color actually achieve?

A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract business investment, and just improves the neighborhood reputation.

Research shows that beauty is one of the top three factors in creating community attachment, or loyalty, to your particular town or city (Source: Knight Soul of the Community Study, 2010).

How does the Year of Color fit into Whitely’s Strategic Plan?

Goal 1: Beautification and Improved Infrastructure

At its heart, this is a beautification project. We hope to fill the Whitely neighborhood with beautiful color through a series of painting, planting, and improvement projects.

The Year of Color will be the beginning of this neighborhood rebranding, and it is essential that we make visible change this year, because that change will inspire additional change and continued improvements in years to come.

Goal 4: Employment and Business

A beautiful neighborhood is a neighborhood people want to live and work in. We believe this project has the capacity to not only raise property values, but attract new business to the Whitely area.

Goal 5: Event Planning and Neighborhood Pride

The Year of Color can bring us together as a community, and we hope that in addition to the necessary fundraisers, we can also come together as a community to throw painting parties, planting and gardening workshops, and much more.

Creating a visual brand for the neighborhood will increase neighborhood pride and ownership. We want to be known as the part of town with all the gorgeous colors.

Goal 6: Resource Development & Fundraising

In order to accomplish this goal, we will need the assistance of our Goal 6 Committee and additional community volunteers to help locate funding and resources to complete these projects.

A high-visibility project like Year of Color will take a lot of funding to accomplish, but it is also the kind of project that many people in the community will want to support.

Goal 7: Advertising & Public Relations

A project of this magnitude cannot be accomplished in the dark. We need Goal 7 to shine a light on what is being done as well as on what still needs to be achieved.

Good publicity is essential to making sure that this project has the momentum it needs to make it through.

How does the Year of Color tie into the Muncie Action Plan?

Initiative 2: Fostering Collaboration

Whitely Community Council is actively seeking partnerships throughout the community to help accomplish our Year of Color goals.

We believe strongly that our community is at its best when we’re working together towards a common goal.

We welcome input, suggestions, and assistance from all interested community organizations, educational institutions, nonprofits, government representatives, residents, and volunteers.

Initiative 3: Strengthening Pride and Image

This project focuses on beautifying the Whitely community, but the purpose of creating a visual “brand” for the neighborhood is much larger than just making it look pretty.

We are attempting to create a community identity that will unify us and increase pride in our neighborhood.

Initiative 4: Creating Attractive and Desirable Places

Year of Color is a community-based neighborhood enhancement program. We will be creating a beautiful new color palette through the community,  while working to clean up the neighborhood and improve curb appeal.

This project beautifies, promotes neighborhood pride, and will hopefully help to raise property values and attract new business to the area.