Eliminating Food Insecurity



The Whitely Community Food Pantry is open every 3rd Thursday of each month from 4-6pm. It is open to residents of Whitely.

Here are the dates for the next 4 months:

August 17

September 21

October 19


Harvest Christian Fellowship, 1010 East Centennial

Volunteers: We need your help to serve our community. Please come from 9-10am to help with food delivery and set up and at 2:30pm to finalize the set up. We also need help for distributing food during the pantry hours (4-6pm) and help taking things down. Your help and involvement is deeply appreciated.

Muncie Time Banking: you can bank your volunteer hours with Muncie Time Bank!

Donations: We need your support to make the pantry an ongoing service to the Whitely Community. Your tax deductible contribution can be made on line through our GoFundMe site.

Edible Muncie Food Assistance Info

Updated August 2017

food pantry

It is Here! A Pantry in Whitely


Thank you to Champions for a Safe Community for their generous contribution of $6000 to solving the food insecurity issue in Whitely. This money goes towards the  ongoing development of our food pantry that will serve and nourish our community. The pantry is held the third Thursday of each month from 4-6pm at Harvest Christian Fellowship, 1010 E. Centennial. Thank you!

For more information about food insecurity, please contact pantryprojectwhitely@gmail.com.

To support our GoFundMe campaign to help solve the issue of food insecurity in our neighborhood and fund the Whitely Community Food Pantry project, please click here

An Outline of Progress for our Community

  1.  Small church or school-based pantries.
    • Churches and schools are the perfect place to start and create short-term relief for families in need. This first goal can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with the help of Whitely faith leaders, residents, and school administration.
  2. A freestanding food pantry in its own building.
    • Expanded hours and options.
    • Will still require the ongoing support and help of church and community volunteers.
    • At this stage we will likely work to establish local food gardens and orchards that can supply some fresh produce to the pantry. Church and community involvement will be essential.
  3. A combination freestanding grocery AND pantry.
    • Will still provide free food for those in need.
    • Will also have food and other items available for purchase with cash or timebanking hours.
    • Room for sales by local crafters/bakers/growers and other vendors.
    • Will help to create jobs for community members.
    • Food education and training will be an essential part of this.
    • Whitely Farmer’s Market.