Community Goals & Initiatives

Whitely Community Council – Committee Goals 2016

Goal 1: Beautification

2016 Priorities:

#1: Whitely’s Year of Color

Fill the Whitely neighborhood with beautiful color through a series of painting, planting, and beautification projects.

Pull the vibrant pastels of the Centennial Place apartments into the rest of the community, and give the neighborhood a distinct (and beautiful) color palette. Paint mailboxes, front doors, fire hydrants, park benches, crosswalks, etc.

#2: Whitely  Makeover

Continue to make Whitely better by repairing and beautifying our neighborhood.

 Goal 2: Safety


2016 Priorities:

#1: Neighborhood Watch

Establish a neighborhood watch. If possible, we would like to establish multiple neighborhood watches based on the various areas of Whitely.

 Goal 3: Education

2016 Priorities:

#1: Read-a-thon

Throw a reading party or read-a-thon at Longfellow Elementary. Give out books. Get parents involved. Ask parents to sign a pledge to read to their children at bedtime.

#2: Little Free Libraries

Establish additional Little Free Libraries throughout the neighborhood. Publicize their availability. Measure their use. Keep them stocked with good books.

 Goal 4: Employment


2016 Priorities:

#1: Office space

Acquire an office space and meeting space for Whitely CC to make it easier for Whitely to meet and get things done.

#2: Connect people to resources

Encourage entrepreneurship and personal business development by connecting people with the training, info, and resources they need.

Goal 5: Event Planning


2016 Priorities:

#1: Fundraising Event

Throw a large fundraising event for WCC that has the potential to be an annual event. Partner with Goal 6 for sponsorships.

#2: Whitely’s Year of Color—Support the work with fun events

Support the work of Goal 1—Beautification and their “Year of Color” by throwing community events like painting parties, flower-planting and gardening events, and more!

 Goal 6: Resource Development and Fundraising


2016 Priorities:

#1: Grant Funding for Executive Director

Write a grant to secure funding (full or partial) for a full-time Executive Director for Whitely Community Council.

#2: Event Sponsorships

Get local business sponsorships for the event put on by Goal 5.

#3: Increase revenue from WCC business memberships.

Work to make benefits of membership clear and sell those benefits to local businesses and organizations.

Goal 7: Marketing and Public Relations

newsletter image

2016 Priorities:

#1: Monthly Newsletter

Finish monthly newsletter on time and fill it with excellent content.

#2: Social Media Traffic Increase

Increase traffic on WCC’s facebook page. Create content more regularly.

#3: Publicize Whitely’s Year of Color

Create beautiful example images, signage, flyers, and more to illustrate the big changes that are coming to Whitely during our Year of Color.