Board of Directors


President Vice President Interim Secretary Treasurer
Frank T. Scott, Sr. (President) Richard Ivy (Vice President) rebekahparker_6980.jpg Gary Garofolo (Treasurer)
Frank T. Scott, Sr. Richard Ivy Rebecca Parker Gary Garofolo


Cornelius Dollison Jay Zimmerman Yvonne Thompson
Cornelius Dollison dfsa bod_yvonne_better
Dr. Charles Payne Carolyn Reeves

3 thoughts on “Board of Directors

  1. Dell Bussey says:

    I would like to know, how does the members get chosen? As a community are we voting for the board members? Please explain how members are nominated and chosen for these positions. Thanks.

    • whitelycc says:

      The Board of Directors are chosen based on referrals from both the membership and other board members. We not only seek input from the membership on Board members but also Committee Members and Area Leaders. These individuals are then screened by the Board and then voted upon by the Board of Directors.

      We also receive input from the membership through a our seven Goal Committees as to what projects we work on and how we can best accomplish the 7 Goals we have established for our Neighborhood. If you are a member and want to get involved and have a voice please talk to us about joining a committee.

      • Dell Bussey says:

        As a person who lives in Whitely, if your board is representing our community interest then we should have an open community vote. I believe people should not have to be a member of any special group or organization to have a vote If the projects effect public property of which we are taxpayers. With that being said, One thing that hopefully gets addressed is clean air. We should all like to see a ban on burning trash and other materials especially in these metal garbage cans. During the summer, kids should be able to breathe clean air and not have to breathe in toxic air, due to people openly burning trash and construction materials. It is absolutely terrible and extremely disrespectful to the children and families who have to breathe this in.

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